5 Tips to Have a Faith-Based St. Patrick's Day!

5 Tips to Have a Faith-Based St. Patrick's Day!

As a mom, holidays and family traditions are very important to me. And I do most of the planning to make said holiday traditions happen. 

I have been racking my brain to figure out what faith-based, family-friendly ideas I could come up with. Pinterest has some good ideas to offer (and you can even check our Saint Patrick's Day board!)

Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary to Ireland. He is known as the patron saint of Ireland, called "Apostle of Ireland." He is credited with converting the Irish to Christianity. 

I love celebrating missions...and learning about other cultures is so much fun! And any holiday is basically an excuse to have a celebration! I am a toddler mom, so many of these ideas I came up with won't apply for us this year. But I still wanted to share them with you! 

Be sure to share YOUR ideas in the comments! We want to read them all!

  • Cook an authentic Irish meal. If y'all hate corned beef, consider Irish stew or smoked salmon.
  • Eat a green breakfast! When I was younger, my mom made us a meal of green pancakes and green scrambled eggs. 
  • Check out some books on Saint Patrick. Whether you buy new or go to the library, do some family or individual reading on Saint Patrick. His life is a fascinating one and definitely worth putting a little research into.
  • Dance to Irish music! If you have kids, let them pop balloons by sitting them to Irish music. Maybe even teach them a little Irish dance if you are gifted in that area.
  • Make rainbow cupcakes! Maybe even have a little trail of those gold-foiled chocolate coins leading to the rainbow cupcakes.
  • Go to church. I met a lady who lived most of her life in Ireland and she told me it is customary to go to church. If your church holds a service, go! 
  • Support a missionary. In honor of the missionary saint of Ireland, make a donation to a missionary. Or you could do your own mission work by handing out church flyers, tracts, serving at a rescue mission, or doing community volunteer work.

Please share YOUR family's traditions for Saint Patrick's Day! 

February 29, 2020