Christ in 2020: Prioritizing Your Walk With Him

I think we are all a little intimidated by 2020. 

A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. A blank planner, an empty calendar, a whole year full of possibility.

There are so many opportunities to start afresh, to plan out our year just as we want it. However, with that comes a responsibility...and a privilege. 

And that is?

Our walk with Christ.

It is SO easy to excitedly fill our new planner with ideas and plans of our own making, leaving little time or thought as to what our walk with Christ will look like. Of course, He is faithful when we are unfaithful. But making 2020 a year more dedicated to our relationship with the Father who loves us is a truly worthy resolution. 

So many aspects of life are habit. Pure habit.

Making Christ a priority is a good habit.

Not in the spirit of legalism, offering him our begrudging obedience to some list of must-do's. Not checking off our daily meeting with him in big black Sharpie and hurrying on to the next thing.

No, making Christ a priority is a good habit that we can make by humble asking him to instill in us a heart that truly longs to seek his will and make our relationship with him through the Word and prayer a joy.

We need him.

Here are a few ideas to help you make Christ a priority.

  • Pray over your planner! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you fill your days.
  • Ask the Lord if an activity is his best for you. 
  • Pray for God to remove any begrudging spirit and cause you to truly long for your daily meetings with him. 
  • Schedule times to serve others in your planner.
  • Also leave time to reflect and simply breathe in your planner. God does not want us slaves to busyness. Make sure you have time to just be and delight in the person he has called you to be. 
  • Find a good Bible reading plan. Don't set unrealistic goals that will cause you to feel guilt or dread your time with God. A verse or two with a joyful, willing heart is far better than rushed, begrudged chapters.
  • Make a prayer wall for 2020. Later, you can look back and see what God has done!

Do you have any ideas? Please share in the comments!





December 28, 2019 — Alicia Jones


Sara Bryant

Sara Bryant said:

I love this. So well said. I find it much easier to spend a little quality time in God’s Word and with Him than with if it feels forced to “keep up”. Thank you so much for sharing!

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