January 24, 2019

BRAVE, because fear is a liar, right!?

by Julie Bolagh

This year I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I normally wouldn’t because of fear! Do you ever feel like you hold back or don't fully pursue your dreams because of fear? Maybe it's the fear of rejection, the unknown, or that you will fail. Well guess what, fear is a liar, do it scared! Jesus knows what it’s like to be scared. He went through sadness, hurts, and even huge storms. With His help, every one of us can be brave. We are beautifully created in His image.


One of my goals this year is to branch out into more accessories and fabulous clothing that pairs perfectly with my graphic tees. Think jeans, kimonos, jewelry and more!! I have big goals and can’t wait to share them with you!! I also hope to start doing lives in the VIP Facebook group soon! I want to overcome that fear this year to better connect with all of you!

On the day I called to You, You answered me. You made me strong and brave. - Psalm 138:3

I hope you will join me this year and step out of your comfort zone to pursue whatever dreams or goals you may have. Let’s commit to being real and brave, one step at a time, holding each other up and helping each other forward. Let’s claim the victory waiting on the other side of brave; for ourselves and for each other.

How are you going to risk everything brave requires for everything brave has to offer? Please comment below, I would love to hear your story! ❤

January 24, 2019 — Julie Bolagh


Julie Bolagh

Julie Bolagh said:

Thanks Stefani, I’m excited too!

Stacy Reynolds

Stacy Reynolds said:

Yes, fear is a liar!!! He makes us BRAVE!!! Your blog looks amazing, Julie! Love what you do and all of the items I’ve gotten from your shop! For me…and for my family/friends as gifts too! You are awesome!


Lisa said:



Stefani said:

So, so, so excited for you and this blog, friend! I’m excited to see where being BRAVE takes you!


Susan said:

Looks great! 😄


Kimberly said:

Nice website! Looks great.

Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones said:

Wonderful blog!


Marcie said:

You are absolutely right! Fear is a liar! Love what you have done with this! So inspirational!

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