5 Tips For Making the Word a Priority

Looking back on a long week can be exhausting. 

If you're anything like me, looking back on all that was done during the past week can also be a bit of a challenge--since so much of it is a blur! But I still like to look back and consider what our family did right and what we could do better. In fact, we have a family meeting to do just that. 

Part of looking back brings up the uncomfortable truth that we may not have prioritized our time with God as much as we want to.

There are so many tips and ideas out there for accomplishing time with God. Mine are simple, but they may help someone! 

Here they are!

  1. Read to your child(ren). I find that I have more incentive to read the Bible if I am reading it to my toddler. I keep it short--just a few verses or a chapter. But he likes to be read to, I get a few minutes with the Word, and we both walk away the better for it.
  2. Make a goal to help you prioritize your reading. Perhaps it's reading through a certain book a week or month. 
  3. Find a Bible reading plan. My church offers one, but I am actually doing the one in my 2020 planner because it is simpler and more doable for me. Find a plan that works for you. If you're like me, you may need days to catch up, but you'll still be roughly on plan.
  4. Don't idolize "quiet" time. That may or may not happen. The candle, the Instagram worthy coffee cup, the blanket or fireplace...those don't make for a more spiritual reading session. They are nice to have but not necessary. I have gotten quite a lot out of sessions with a baby on my lap, dogs barking in the next room, and my coffee anything but Instagram worthy.
  5. Consider reading with your spouse, sibling, roommate. My husband reads to me every night. That way, if I am behind on my personal reading, I still get a few words of Scripture before bed. Doing it as a couple is super nice, too. It's never long or drawn out, but it is just enough for us to have a few words of Scripture to calm us and help us put our thoughts in the right direction before sleep.

Do you have any special tips?e Please share! We would love to hear them all. 

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February 22, 2020 — Alicia Jones

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